Spring Summer 2012

VAWK with Gio


Since our collection was inspired by Madonna and Frida Kahlo, we thought it would be great to create a few graphic-T’s, giving us the opportunity to collaborate with local artist Gio Petrucci. The graphics took ques from Frida Kahlo’s  surreal vision and Madonna song titles like “Open Your Heart”.


Gio Petrucci

Born and raised just outside of Windsor, Ontario by two Italian immigrants, Gio Petrucci was taught at an early age what really matters in life: love of family and following your passion.

That pursuit took him to Toronto’s OCAD University to study graphic design. Even before graduating, his openness to new ideas and distinct vision lead him to collaborations with several institutions and individuals including Plaid Magazine, fashion designer David C. Wigley for FAT Arts & Fashion Week, and OCADU itself.

Gio’s artistic expression isn’t limited to a single medium; it can be seen through his work in photography, print design, typography, and his signature collaging.