Autumn 2013

VAWK for Shangri-la


Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto unveiled the new Lobby Lounge wardrobe by VAWK Creative Director, Sunny Fong, during the cocktail reception. The VAWKtail was created in honour of the collaboration, an Asian infused cocktail made with prosecco, brandy, and yuzu and garnished with a single sugar cube. The partnership marks an infusion of Asian Canadian luxury design into the Asian luxury hospitality and ambience embodied by Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto.


“The energy in the Lobby Lounge was palpable last night. Seeing and hearing everyone’s enthusiastic reaction to our new look truly felt celebratory,“ said Richard Cooke, general manager, Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto. “It has been a joy working with Sunny Fong and the entire VAWK team.”


The new Lobby Lounge attire design draws inspiration from the décor of the hotel lobby, the cultural heritage of the designer himself and that of the hotel’s luxury Asian hospitality. “I wanted the design to truly reflect a hybrid of my brand and what I feel Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto represents. I was inspired by the art work in the lobby, the Ming vase tea library and the ornithological theme that is prevalent in the hotel and the Zhang Huan ‘Rising’ sculpture,” said Fong of his inspiration.

“When I met with Richard Cooke, we wanted something that seemed almost theatrical, so naturally I knew the silhouette had to be both sophisticated and sexy. I felt my desire to custom create a bold graphic print inspired by the Ming vase would absolutely make a dramatic statement.”

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