March 2011


VAWK Travels from Savile Row to the Himalayas Sunny Fong of VAWK Presents Autumn/Winter 2011 at LG Fashion Week

Proudly presenting its fourth collection since designer Sunny Fong’s Project Runway Canada win, luxury women’s wear brand VAWK finds its inspiration for the Autumn/Winter 2011 season in the classic structure of Savile Row tailoring and the rugged ensemble of a Himalayan mountaineer. The collection will be showcased at Toronto’s LG Fashion Week, marking the first time VAWK has presented on-site, on Thursday, March 31st at 9:30pm.

“In my latest collection, the VAWK woman goes on a journey from Savile Row to Lhasa,” says VAWK Creative Director, Sunny Fong. “The collection will explore the structured tailoring of men’s wear and the rich textures of a mountain climber immersed in the culture of the Himalayas.”

The collection will primarily focus on a mix of winter outerwear and dresses crafted from leather-faced lamb skin, curly goat and shearling. Expect to be surprised this season by punches of bright turquoise and tangerine.

VAWK would like to thank 9th Sphere, Faulhaber PR, The Fashion Design Council of Canada and Rowenta for their generous support this season. Warmly embraced by the Canadian fashion industry and marketplace, VAWK is now sold exclusively at The Room at the Bay Queen Street.