Spring Summer 2012


Luxury women’s wear, VAWK presents its latest collection, INSECTICA Spring/Summer 2012, Thursday, October 20, 2011 at 9:30 p.m. Creative Designer Sunny Fong creates synergy between the structural framework of modern skyscrapers, and the beauty of insects. This marks Fong’s second on-site presentation with LG Fashion Week.

“I wanted to incorporate style and structure from two seemingly different worlds, I was inspired by the organic curves and sharp lines of various insects and those of modern architecture,” said Fong of his latest collection.
The collection exemplifies a feminine palette consisting of washed out tones in blush and seafoam and the use of symmetrical and asymmetrical lines. Fong, in his fifth collection since Project Runway Canada, continues to play with texture and silhouettes as well as colours, reflecting elements found in nature and paying homage to notable architects like Frank Gehry and Mies van der Rohe.

Always keeping consumers in mind, Fong notes that, “I always think of the VAWK women when I design, I listen to consumer feedback and try to incorporate that in the collection, this season it’s a return to dresses.”

Building on the growth and success of the line, now in its third season, VAWK has launched pre-season capsule collections; Resort 2012 hits the floor at The Room at the Bay Queen Street, Toronto, this December.